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Memphis Property Group Offers Rental Discounts For Poop Patrol Program

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) - A stinky situation in a Midtown courtyard is forcing some extreme measures to get pet owners to clean up after their four-legged friend. Henry Turley Properties is rewarding renters who take pictures of residents who leave their pet's poop behind. The incentive? $50 off their rent.

According to an email obtained by Local 24, the program is taking place at various residential properties across Memphis. At the Gilmore Apartments on McLean Boulevard, the message is simple. Clean up after your pet.

"I've been a resident here for 3 years," said Dawn Jackson. "I'll be here another 25 years or until I pass away. That's how much I love this place and I want to see this area stay clean."

But lately residents have complained about a dirty situation.

"Nobody wants to see it. Nobody wants to smell it," said Jackson. "I clean up after the Professor. Other people need to clean up after their pets too."

Mary Ruth Pruitt agrees. She too cleans up after her dog John but knows other people aren't as responsible.

"I've stepped in enough dog poop that it is annoying to walk across it," she said."

The problem is so bad management is alerting residents about the Poop Patrol program.

An email sent out to residents on June 18th read:

"We are receiving more and more complaints about the dog waste being left in the Garden Court areas. Other Henry Turley properties have a Poop Patrol program that we are starting today.

If a resident sees another resident not cleaning up after their pet, they can email the picture to the office to report each incident. The resident not cleaning up will be fined $50. The resident that turns them in will receive $50 off their rent. 

Remember pets shouldn't use the building or plants. Use the grassy area so we can keep our plants alive and the building clean.

Please make sure you are cleaning up after your pets because the Poop Patrol will be watching!! 

If your pet has an accident in the hallway, please report that immediately. One more complaint I've been receiving lately is that pet owners are not keeping their pet at their side. Please don't let your dog get too far ahead of you. If someone is walking off the elevator or towards you, please make sure your dog is by your side and not approaching that person."

So, what's the scoop from renters? Do they think it will work?

"I don't know if I'll be on my balcony looking for people to take pictures of, but I hope people start cleaning up," said Sophia Lavie.

"I think it's a necessary precaution for now," said Pruitt. "I think it scares people and they'll wind up not needing to report anybody."

As for Dawn Jackson, she's skeptical of the incentive, adding she prefers the direct approach.

"That's not really going to work," she said. "After that little thing came out, I noticed poop anyway. Plus, you really don't want to tattle tale on your neighbor. I personally say something to the person and point saying, ‘the poop bags right over there’."

The policy at Henry Turley Properties has been in place for roughly two weeks. It's unclear if anyone's officially joined the poop patrol and taken advantage of the discount offered.

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