Memphis starts road paving season; Mayor Jim Strickland says road paving budget more than doubled since he took office

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – Fresh asphalt. Makes a road as smooth as a baby’s booty. And that’s what people want to see on Memphis City Streets.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland and a few others from the city felt this would be a good day to take a field trip over to the Hyde Park Neighborhood. They were bragging about how they’ve increased the amount of money for road paving.

“Don’t you love the smell of freshly-poured asphalt,” he asked reporters.

Strickland says paving roads has been one of his priorities since taking office. Of course, this has nothing to do with him running for re-election. That’s at least what he says.

When asked whether he would be holding an outside news conference if it weren’t an election year, Strickland said, “I’ve been doing this for three and a half years.”

There were a few problems.

City officials had to move from the first location, because a woman involved in the world’s oldest profession was apparently trying to drum up a little business with one official.

So there was a little bump in the newly-paved road, but it didn’t stop others from showing up.

“I think we all get a ton of complaints about roads,” said Memphis City Councilman Sherman Greer. “There’s confusion, many times, about what’s a city road and what’s a state road. Constituents don’t care. They just want the road repaired.”

There is a method used to determine which roads get repaved. It won’t please everybody, says Memphis Public Works Director Robert Knecht.

“We rank them based on a system,” he says, “… so that someone goes out and physically looks at it and does an assessment on it. That score determines when and where it needs to be resurfaced.”

The people who showed up to watch, residents of this neighborhood, loved it.

Lynn Sanders, owner of the “Lynn’s Got It Going On” beauty salon says, “Anything that can help beautify the neighborhood always helps out.”

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