Memphis Woman Arrested After Traveling With Children Inside of Pet Kennels

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A Memphis grandmother was arraigned Monday, accused of putting her two grandkids in dog kennels and driving them across Memphis. 

Disturbing cell phone video led to the arrest of Leimome Cheeks, who now faces two counts of child endangerment.  According to an affidavit, Cheeks drove the kids from Whitehaven to Collierville, then to Downtown Memphis in 95-degree heat.

According to an affidavit, the two kids ages 7 and 8 told investigators they were put in the kennels because they were told there was not enough room inside of the vehicle.  For more than 40 minutes, the kids rode in those kennels.

A citizen recorded cell phone video that shows Memphis grandmother Leimome Cheeks opening the trunk of her Ford Explorer and letting a child out of dog kennel. That video has now gone viral. 

The incident happened feet away from Graceland. 

The citizen, who does not want to be identified, sent the video to Memphis Police. 

“It’s shocking, it really is. I only met her like once maybe twice. She seems like a nice lady. I couldn’t see her actually doing that,” said Skylarr Blake, who lives doors down from Cheeks. 

During an interview with investigators, the two kids say Cheeks, their grandmother, told them to get in the kennels because there was not enough room in her vehicle.

People who live in this Whitehaven community are shocked by the video. 

“It’s very sad. Because it feels like hell right here now, it’s very hot,” said Nikita Blake who is Cheeks neighbor.

Local 24 reporter Annette Peagler went to Cheeks home and tried to get a comment from her family, but no one answered the door. 

“I mean it could be an honest mistake. It’s a huge mistake, get some help yeah but put her in jail, it’s hard to say,” Skylarr Blake said. 

An affidavit states Cheeks admitted to putting the kids in the kennels and drove them from Whitehaven to Collierville then to Downtown Memphis, checking on them periodically. 

“You looking at that video, you see she opened up the cage let the kids out the cage out the trunk of the car, I mean it don’t look good,” Blake said.

Police say the children are okay.

During Cheeks arraignment Monday, the case was continued. She is set to return to court July 9th.

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