Memphis Zoo adds Red Pandas to CHINA exhibit

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Photo: Memphis Zoo

(MEMPHIS ZOO NEWS RELEASE) – Memphis Zoo is excited to announce the addition of red pandas to the CHINA exhibit.

These red pandas are a different subspecies than the pair exhibited in Cat Country and are known to be bigger and more vibrant in color.

The two brothers, Xing and Itsuki, were born at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Canada in 2014. 

Memphis Zoo visitors can see the twosome in a large yard next to the Francois Langurs. 

Currently the pair is most active and visible in the morning.

About Red Pandas

Red pandas, once thought to be related to giant pandas, are more closely related to weasels, raccoons and skunks. Their name in Chinese is “hun ho,” meaning “fire fox.”  Red pandas, like giant pandas, feed on bamboo. Red pandas eat anywhere between 20-30% of their body weight in bamboo every day.

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