Memphis Zoo Prepares Animals For The Winter Months

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It wasn’t too cold Wednesday, but that didn’t stop the Memphis Zoo from preparing for winter.

They’ll move any of their tropical animals indoors, keeping them at temperatures to keep them healthy. That includes different types of birds that prefer warmer temperatures.

Other animals like wolves, elk, and grizzly bears don’t have temperature requirements, so they’ll be out all winter long. And you don’t have to worry about the bears going into hibernation, either.

Memphis Zoo Curator of Large Mammals Courtney Janney says, “hibernation is a necessary process for animals such as grizzly bears and black bears if there’s not enough food for them. Obviously in captivity we provide them plenty of food, plenty of water, and so there, they don’t have that metabolic need that they have in the wild to den up go months without eating.”

The zoo says they watch animals closely during the winter months, especially any that are at a higher risk of getting sick.

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