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JONESBORO, Ark. (localmemphis.com) – For 28-year-old Jordon Nelson of Jonesboro, Arkansas, military service is a family affair. Not only did his father serve, but both he and Nelson shared a unique similarity: both missed the births of a child during a deployment.

“I was three-years-old when (my father) met me,” Nelson said. “My daughter was born when I was in Iraq, she was three-months-old whenever I met her. So I don’t know how that happened but it did.”

Nelson said he did get to experience the birth of his daughter in a certain way.

“Modern technology I was able to video chat and actually able to, had someone videotaping in the room, so I got to watch, but I didn’t get to be there,” Nelson said.

Nelson also showed us pictures from his childhood: “That’s the first picture that my dad ever got of me, he was deployed whenever I was born. In another photo: “This is the first day I ever got to meet my dad.”

Nelson also showed a picture when he was a boy: “Dad did a tour in Germany in 1995 when the whole Kosovo thing was going on, (this picture is when he returned stateside).”

In another photo from the same album, Nelson showed our crew: “That’s my great grandpa, he passed away when I was deployed, this is last time I got to see him.”

As for when people approach him and thank him for his service? Nelson said: “It’s just people showing their appreciation, just be grateful for it, happy to get it for sure.”

As for beginning in his military service at Fort Sill in Oklahoma: “Actually doing it feels a little different, it’s actually something that sticks with you, it’s got a feeling to it, (once you arrive for basic training), you’re around a group of people you’ve never met, nobody looks the same, no one is dressed the same and there’s one guy that’s yelling at you.”

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