Mid-Southerners Are Encouraging Others To “Up The Vote” In Shelby County

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Shelby County voters are casting their ballots at the more than 165 polling locations throughout the county.

Block parties are being held in areas such as south Memphis, Hickory Hill, and Frayser to encourage people to go vote.

A local group called “Up the Vote 901” met Thursday at Abyssinian Missionary Baptist Church on Millbranch. They made signs and T-shirts and spread out in areas where there’s typically low-voter turnout.

Pastor Earle Fisher, the organizer of “Up the Vote 901,” believes it’s important for all citizens to make a choice and vote, so that everyone has a say-so when it comes to politics and who’s representing the citizens of Shelby County and Tennessee.

“The majority of the citizens in the city and in the county are citizens of color, and historically we’ve seen disenfranchisement and suppression disproportionately impact citizens of color. So we want to remind people of color that their votes do matter and we wanna make sure we engage them wherever they are,” says Fisher.

Registered voters are encouraging folks to get out and vote, and let their choices be known and their voices be heard.

“I brought my son with me because I really wanna him to think about the duty he has to his community and the people around him to vote, to learn the process, to really keep an eye on what’s going on,” says Tony de Velasco.

About 86,000 people voted early, which is a little more than 15% of registered Shelby County voters.

As for polling locations, everything is running smoothly so far.  There was a rumor that the voting machines weren’t working at the Glenview Polling Place, but that turned out not to be the case. The machines are fine.

According to law, the election commission can’t tally results until the last voter has finished voting at each polling place. So, you may not see results right away. Polls close at 7:00 p.m.

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