Millington Civic Center Targeted Twice By Vandals

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A near 80-year-old Mid-South civic center is boarded up after weekend vandals left a trail of destruction. Investigators continue to look for the people responsible for smashing nine windows at the Forest Drive Civic Club over a two-day period.

“It just breaks my heart,” said Doug Ivy. “”This window here was busted out with a plastic little flower pot that we kept on the back porch.”

Ivy showed Local 24 News the mess left in the club’s kitchen, just one of the areas vandalized. There was shattered glass everywhere.  

“Nothing was stolen,” he said. “That’s what makes it all worse. Our speaker system is laying on the floor. There’s the cord and the mic laying on the floor. Why do all this and not take anything?”

The club has been in existence since the 1940s and is known for giving back to the community.

“We give food to the needy at Christmas time,” he said. “We give out backpacks and school supplies to those in need.”

According to investigators, the building on Fite Road was targeted twice over the weekend. The first incident occurred sometime Saturday when three windows were busted out. Crews came and boarded them up. Sunday, more destruction was noticed.

“They broke six more windows and came inside,” said club president Cole Hammond. “I still can’t figure out why they would want to break all this glass and pour mayonnaise over the floor when we’ve had no squabbles that we know of.”

Club members believe the damage may be the work of area kids. Regardless, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating.

“They were able to take some fingerprints,” said Hammond.

Investigators also managed to take a muddy footprint left behind on a tablecloth as evidence.

“This whole thing is a slap in the face,” said Ivy. “I hope whoever did this turns themselves in and helps us clean the mess.”

Anyone with information on the vandalism is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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