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Ohio Man Who Claimed Wife Died In Memphis Now Charged With Her Murder

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - UPDATE 4-20-2018 - Philip Snider, who claimed he dumped his wife's body in the Tennessee River after she died on their way to visit Graceland, has now been charged in her murder.

Local 24 News has learned Snider has been booked in Hartville, Ohio, on one count of aggravated murder. His bond is set at $5 million.


UPDATE 1-31-2018 – The Hartville, Ohio Police chief says the FBI has conducted a polygraph test on Philip Snider, who claims he dumped his wife’s body in the Tennessee River after she died on their way to visit Graceland.

Police say Snider told them his wife died of natural causes and he “put her with nature” by throwing her off the bridge. The results of the polygraph have not been released.

Hartville PD also conducted an electronic search of Snider’s 2017 Ford truck sync system, and they also used cadaver dogs. Evidence seized during that search is being analyzed. 

Police say Snider still maintains that his wife’s body is in the Tennessee River. She has not yet been found.


UPDATE 1-22-2018 - A new twist tonight to the mystery of a missing woman from Ohio after a reported trip to Memphis. Philip Snider, who originally told police his wife died in the bluff city, now reportedly claims to have dumped her body in the Tennessee River.

Investigators were originally told 70-year-old Roberta Snider died from poor health January 4th on the way to Graceland. Now police say Snider drove from Kentucky with his dead wife and dumped her body in the river on the way back to Ohio.

Police say Snider told them his wife died of natural causes and he “put her with nature” by throwing her off the bridge.

Police have not yet said if Snider faces any charges. They are searching for the body.


(ORIGINAL STORY 1-19-2018)

A missing person mystery: an Ohio woman vanished on a trip to Graceland. The woman's husband claims she died as they pulled into Memphis, but no one can find her body.

According to police, the husband also hasn't been able to recall key pieces of information.

Police say Roberta Snider's husband said the 69-year-old was in poor health January 4th when they left Hartville, Ohio, for a road trip to Graceland. According to Philip Snider, they spent the night at a hotel in Kentucky, and then drove to Memphis the next day.

Philip Snider told police Roberta died as they pulled into Memphis, so he flagged down an ambulance near the Graceland Day's Inn and his wife was taken away.

The Local I-Team found proof he checked into the Day's Inn hotel next to Graceland. We talked to the clerk who checked him in.

"He said he had misplaced his wallet or something, so he said could he use his wife's credit card, so I said no big deal," said Juanita Walton, hotel clerk. "I didn't see the wife ‘cuz I didn't see nobody but him, so I don't know if she was in the truck or not. All he wanted to do was go get his car washed."

The police chief in Hartville, Ohio, told the Local I-Team he believes Roberta Snider was in Memphis, but at this point he doesn't know if she was dead or alive.

We checked. Police and fire officials do not have any record of Roberta Snider or any Jane Doe's being picked up by an ambulance or taken to a hospital.

Hotel records show, Phillip Snider checked into the hotel around 12:30 January 5th, and checked out at 3:30 a.m. the next day. Police say he then drove back to Ohio, because he claims he didn't know where her body was taken.

Last week, Roberta Snider's brother reported her missing. Police are trying to retrace the couple's trip from Hartville to Memphis.


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