More controversial tweets from Shelby County Commissioner and Memphis mayoral candidate Tami Sawyer

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – Local 24 News has uncovered more of Tami Sawyer’s tweets. Tweets that are raising eyebrows, not to mention the ire of the Memphis Police Association toward a top-tier candidate for Memphis mayor who currently holds office as a county commissioner.

Local 24 News first broke the story Thursday night showing some ten-year-old tweets when Sawyer was 27.

But more tweets, as recent as six years ago, show other patterns. There are hundreds of f-bombs, and exactly 335 tweets about being drunk or drinking.

A sampling:

May 2013: “Drunk dialing was in effect last night.”

July 2012: A reply to someone she slapped..  “I’m such a violent drunk. I’m sorry.”

May 2010: “It’s the quiet ones. u know, loud girls like me. at least you know what we about off top. jack. ginger. drunk sex.”

Thursday night we showed you two different tweets in which Sawyer said she had no respect for the police. Friday, the Memphis Police Association, which endorsed candidate Willie Herenton, responded on Facebook.

“This is from a Shelby County Commissioner that should represent everyone.”

For her part, commissioner Sawyer is only responding to the criticism on the same social media that’s being looked at now. 

“We can examine my decade old tweets out of context and debate what kind of person I was or wasn’t in 2009. Or, we can examine what’s happening in Memphis today.

I’m running because this is life or death for Memphians. the stakes are too high to get caught in this foolishness.

Memphians have questions about what’s happening in their city right now and who has plans to address their concerns. I share those questions.”

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