More Credit Card Skimmers Have Been Found At Mid-South Gas Pumps

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Local Memphis has learned the technology that steals your credit or debit card information was found at two gas stations in Bartlett.

One skimmer was at the Shell station on Kirby Whitten Road and Summer Avenue. Three of them were found at the Shell station up the road off Highway 64 and Germantown Parkway.

For many drivers, fueling up means double checking the gas pump they are using is not stealing their credit card information.

Ken Kuhn said he had heard the warnings about credit card skimmers. When he fills up, Kuhn never uses a debit card and first looks for a security sticker.

“If I pull up and this one is the only here, and it’s cut like that then I’ll usually go somewhere else because that tells me that’s been opened and I don’t know what’s been done to it,” said Kuhn.

A Bartlett Police report stated on April 27 police found three pumps at the Shell on Highway 64 and Germantown Parkway had skimmers inside them.

The same day, a manager at the Shell on Kirby Whitten Road and Summer found one too.

“It makes me kinda worried because normally I don’t check,” said driver James Blasingame.

At both locations, the pumps that were compromised were the ones farthest from the store.

To protect yourself, the Better Business Bureau has advised: you pick a pump closest to the convenience store, give the card reader a slight tug to see if a device was inserted over it, or use cash.

“I’ve heard of them (skimmers), but I’ve never seen one. So I’m going to go home and do

 a little internet search and I’ll probably start tugging on them now,” said Blasingame.

You may also want to check your bank and credit card statements closely.

No victims were listed in the Bartlett Police reports.

Local law enforcement officials advised if the gas pump looks like it has been tampered with do not use it. Report it right away.

According to the police reports, the credit card skimmers were removed. 

A public information officer with Bartlett Police stated the local U.S. Secret Service office is investigating the incidents.

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