MPD Arrests Local Activist Frank Gottie After Dispute With Ex

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Community activist Frank Gibson, better known as Frank Gottie, was released from jail Saturday night after being accused of stealing from his ex-girlfriend and assaulting her.

Gottie, 33, has made recent headlines after he helped organized the march that led to shutting down the Hernando-Desoto bridge, along with demonstrations across the city.

As Gottie slowly walked out of 201 Poplar Saturday, it was a moment supporters waited for hours.

Around 11:30 Friday night officers responded to a domestic incident in the 200 block of Kolmar in Westwood.

A woman told police her ex-boyfriend Frank Gibson, also known as Frank Gottie, stole her car battery and pushed her when she tried to stop him. She also told police she has an order of protection against Gottie and several reports against him, but he refused to be served.

Gottie left and came back while police were still on the scene, that’s when MPD said he was uncooperative and resisted arrest. In a cellphone video posted to the activist’s Facebook page, you can hear Gottie asking why he’s being put into handcuffs.

Gottie was charged with domestic assault, theft, having a suspended license and resisting arrest. He was taken to Regional One for pain in his arm and wrist and was released.

Gottie received an additional charge of violating bail conditions for assaulting the same victim in the past. Court records showed he was arrested twice since April for aggravated assault.

Gottie told friends the latest allegations were not true.

“So we found out that he actually went to the precinct before he was even involved in the incident and I don’t know what happened when he went to the precinct. He told me he was going to get help but no one helped him,” said friend D Golden.

Golden said Gottie is like his little brother, and he has spent a lot of time promoting peace throughout Memphis.

“He’s on a positive tip and for this to happen to him I was taken aback by it but I have 100% faith in Frank that he’s going to do the right thing and it doesn’t hurt his movement at all,” said Golden.

Local Memphis spoke with the victim by phone but she said she did not want to make any more comments about the incident.

Gottie is scheduled to be in court Monday.

He is the third person who was instrumental in the July 10 Hernando Desoto bridge protest to be arrested since then.

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