MPD Gives Tips On What To Look For During An Interstate Shooting

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Memphis Police Officers are patrolling local interstates, looking to stop road rage drivers from becoming violent.

Lieutenant Rudolph says it can be challenging.

“A lot of times it’s difficult to investigate these. A lot of times the victim doesn’t know anything. They don’t know the description of the car, they don’t know what the suspect looks like,” said Rudolph. 

Police rely on the public to help catch culprits in any crime. Police can’t do it all. There have been at least four interstate shootings in the past two months. The most recent was a truck driver who was shot at on I-240 near Airways.

He wasn’t hurt, but he could’ve been. Local truck drivers say motorists can be mean and crazy at times when driving on the interstate. Jason Brigance says he tries to make room for others and hope for the best. 

“I know people make you mad on the road but just be courteous and take your time. Let somebody over. You don’t have to, you know, slam on your brakes and be crazy about it,” said Brigance. 

Lieutenant Rudolph says that’s great advice. 

“A lot of times, it’s agitated drivers or motorists on the road, but we just ask everybody, you know, leave in time to get to work, give yourself extra time. Don’t be in such a rush pay attention when you change lanes. Use your blinker. Don’t slam on your brakes. Just be a courteous driver,” Rudolph said. 

Memphis Police encourage drivers, if you see something, say something. Get a description of the car, what the driver looks like, and a tag number if possible. Help police get violent drivers off the interstates. 

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