New Median In Midtown Still Causing Problems For Drivers And Cars

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A median in a popular Midtown entertainment district is causing headaches for drivers.

The newly installed pedestrian crossing is supposed to make it safer for people crossing the 

Cooper Street in Overton Square, but it’s causing costly and dangerous problems for passing cars instead.

People say the median is a good thing, but they think it needs to be more visible.

People who see cars run over the pedestrian median in Overton Square first think someone might have been drunk, but the people we talked with who have crashed say it has nothing to do with alcohol and everything to do with visibility. 

Sara Clark showed us the damage to her car.

She says she was leaving dinner at a restaurant on Overton Square Saturday night, pulled out of the parking garage and turned left onto Monroe.

When the coast was clear, she made the left onto Cooper. 

“Next thing I know a loud bang noise and I’m in an accident,” said Clark.

Clark is still too shaken by what happened and didn’t want to appear on camera.

“My bumper and a bunch of car parts laying in there and a median that was completely unmarked with no sign,” said Clark.

We’re told the sign in the median had been knocked down earlier that evening.

When we arrived Wednesday afternoon, it was back up.

Jeannie Boyd works at Second Line Restaurant and says she’s seen several crashes outside the businesses window.

“Bout every Monday morning when I’m coming to work they’re putting the sign back up,” said Boyd.

We first told you about car wrecks at this intersection more than a week ago after calls to our newsroom.

Our cameras even catching people running over the median while shooting the story.

We contacted the city to find out if changes would be made to the pedestrian median to curb the crashes. 

In a statement, they told us additional reflective markers were added to ensure the median is highly visible at night and asked us to note these pictures they sent.

Clark gave us these pictures showing reflectors on the median after her wreck.

Now she sees a costly repair bill.

“I roughly have 63-hundred dollars worth of damage.”

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