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There’s a new way for MLGW customers to pay. At the punch of a smartphone or computer keyboard, Memphis Light, Gas, And Water customers with smart meters now have a new option to ‘pay in,’ ‘pay out,’ or ‘pay as you go”.

MLGW leaders spent months getting this new service off the ground, and they believe prepay will limit customer disconnections and also cut down on overall energy usage.

“We think it’s pretty cutting age, everyone has a cellphone,” said Tamara Nolan with MLGW.

And now, the MLGW smartphone app includes a new service; a prepay service where customers with smart meters can add money to their account and pay off their bills in broken down chunks on their own schedules.

“It’s a more flexible payment option, no end of month surprises, waiting those 30 days to get your bill,” said Nolan. “With prepay it just helps people to budget their funds, it helps them to keep an eye on their usage.”

With the service, MLGW will also send text, email, and phone alerts when a customer’s available funds dip around $35. As long as a prepay service customer’s account has some money in it, utility services won’t get cut off.

“That is one of the things we are hoping, that there will be fewer disconnections,” said Nolan. “It’s just an easy way for them to keep an eye on their account where they don’t have to think about it so much and try to remember when that bill is going to come in the mail, so this is really revolutionary for MLGW.”

MLGW customers we caught up showed enthusiasm about the prepay option.

“I hope that it makes it easier for some other people, that can’t afford to get their bill all paid at once,” said Olivia Villanueva. “If they can make it easier for you to get on and pay, should be easy to pay your bill.”

“The lifestyle, especially for millennials and younger people, fine, I know it would be a lot more convenient for them,” said Rosella Gause. “Disconnecting your fees and then coming over here and standing in line, it’s atrocious.”

MLGW prepay requires a $100 initial balance, but that’s less than the $200 deposit for a standard account. And prepay also doesn’t have a late or reconnect fee that’s also part of a standard account.

To find out how you can sign up for the new service, CLICK HERE.

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