New TN House Assistant Majority Leader Hopes To Put Focus On Rural Issues In West Tennessee

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One of the new leaders on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill hopes the upcoming legislative session puts a focus on rural issues. State capitol newsroom reporter Chris Bundgaard introduces us to new Assistant Majority Leader Ron Gant.

New House Republican Majority Leader William Lamberth recently said he sees Representative Ron Gant as a co-equal despite his title as Assistant Majority Leader. However the two divide up the position, one of their main jobs is to sponsor legislation a Governor wants passed in the Tennessee House. Sometimes it can be a hundred or so bills. 

Gant hopes the legislation includes issues important to the lower-income rural West Tennessee counties he represents.

“The Governor-elect Bill Lee has promised me that he will not leave rural Tennessee behind,” says Rep. Gant.

Educating K-12 students for manufacturing jobs needed in rural counties is a top priority, says Rep. Gant, for both him and new Governor-Elect Bill Lee. Gant has also seen a rural hospital close in one of the counties he represents.

Whatever the issue, Gant pledges a team approach to issues confronting lawmakers.

“Just because you disagree on one issue doesn’t mean you go off into your own corners and do whatever. We are going to continue to be a team,” said Gant.

How that works will be one of the things to watch in the upcoming legislative session.

Lawmakers begin the 111th session of the General Assembly at noon Tuesday, January 8th. 

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