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Nexstar's Founder's Day of Caring

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) - Friday was a special day for Local 24 and CW 30.

We celebrated our parent company's 22nd anniversary with the Nexstar Founder's Day of Caring.

To mark the occasion our employees volunteered at Bickford Community Center in Uptown Memphis.

Employees didn't let the heat stop them from volunteering their time to spruce up Bickford Community Center and spend time with kids and seniors.

"I did a little bit of everything. I've been trying to move the mulch a lot. And I'm trying to hold up. I think I am," said Local 24 General Manager, Joe Denk.

Denk ditched the suit and tie and went to work alongside dozens of Local 24 employees.

"A mountain of mulch delivered and we're spreading it on the playground, planted a new garden here, we have people inside working with both senior and youth groups, so it's been a very good morning for our entire team. It's our Founder's Day and this is the 22nd anniversary of the founding of our company and it's a day that we dedicate to giving back to the community and we're doing it in multiple ways here and we're very happy to do that," said Denk.

"You guys have done so much! This is so totally awesome! I mean this shows that you guys care about the inner city and care about the community and especially over here at Bickford," said Toni Holmon-Turner with the City of Memphis.

Local 24 is celebrating the 22nd anniversary of our parent company Nexstar Media Group. Local 24 is honored to give back. It's one way we can say thank you for all the community support.

"Very engaged with the kids and the seniors and you guys, We are so greatly appreciative for this," said Holmon-Turner.

"Memphis and this community make it possible for us to do so many things," Denk said.

Bickford Community Center on Henry Avenue provides services for kids and seniors.

They offer swimming, sports, arts & crafts, gardening, and much more.

It was an honor to spend the day here and show how much we care for the community.

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