“No Comment” From Woman Involved In Arlington Graduation Brawl Video

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The woman at the center of a graduation brawl caught on camera wasn’t interested in sharing her side of the the story with Local 24. But various videos from the high school graduation shows how it all went down.

“I was sitting in those same seats but they was like ‘Hey, this is my family. Do you mind moving?’ so I sat back.”

Arlington alumni Octavius Adams was at the graduation and watched the fight unfold between two groups of people Tuesday. He tells Local 24 how he picked up his cell phone and started recording what was happening inside Bellevue Baptist Church.

“A family of five wanted to sit in a certain area, and the family of two came and disrupted that area. They wouldn’t move, so they pretty much stood their ground.”

Cell phone video shows a man shoving a woman in a brown dress. She pushes back, and then another woman throws water. From there the fight ignited with more punching and hair pulling.

This all happened while 500 graduates were marching down the aisles of the church.

“These adults had no home training whatsoever,” said Adams. “I was just sitting there like, ‘Wow! Y’all are like twice, triple my age.’ I couldn’t believe my eyes. They’re here to support the children, yet they’re acting like children.”

Local 24 tracked one of the women down to an Oakland address. Crews knocked but the people inside called Oakland Police.

The women gave our cameras the slip, but reporter Dave Detling was able to fire off one question before the women drove away giving the camera a sideways peace sign.

“Do you have anything you want to say?,” asked Detling. The woman simply shook her head no.

Oakland police told reporters the household was not interested in commenting.

Investigators tell us there were no arrests, and no charges have been filed against the people involved.

Jeff Mayo with Arlington Community Schools released a statement that read:

“It was unfortunate that a couple of adults in the audience exhibited the behavior they did prior to the ceremony beginning and thus has caused a distraction from the celebration of our students’ accomplishments.  The graduation ceremony was not affected by this incident due to the actions of Bellevue’s security team who promptly removed the adults from the ceremony.”

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