Officials Warn of Head Lice Season

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A little pest is making a big return.

It is currently peak season for lice, which includes the months of January and February.

Infestations are most common among kids in elementary school.

The Mid-South Lice Clinics of America says prevention is key, especially during the colder months when things like blankets are often shared between many people.

Officials say when a home becomes infested with the insect, it can take days to discover.

Head lice can live for around 40 to 45 days on your head, and if lice are removed from your hair, the bug can survive 24 to 48 hours.

Director of Clinics Jessie Foley says, “It take at least seven days for the egg to show on the hair, so you may see the bugs first or you may never see a bug. We get a lot of phone calls when people call and say ‘I’ve got eggs in the hair. I just found lice,’ and it’s hard to explain actually there’s been lice in your house for seven days at least, and so you probably have someone else in the house that’s been exposed, and you want to get everybody checked.”

Foley says you can prevent the transfer by not sharing hats or brushes.

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