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One Shell Of A Thing For A Peanut Shoppe

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - There was a time when Summer Avenue in Memphis had everything. 
The first McDonalds's, the first Holiday Inn, and a little place over here where you could get snacks and things. The kind of a place you can't find much anymore.
It's called the Peanut Shoppe.

The customers have been coming in at a pretty steady clip, according to shoppe owner Jim Burge.
It always seems to happen that way when there is news that an institution will soon close for good.

The Peanut Shoppe on Summer is closing on December 31st.
It is now filled with people reaching back for one more taste of youth.

"It's just one of our childhood memories, coming here," says Linda Williams, "...getting peanuts and the candy. My Grandfather loved it, the candy they had."

It still brings in the young ones, the ones that can only nod their approval.
Jim Burge doesn't mind at all, although he jokes that he wishes this many people came to his shop several months ago.

Jim Burge has owned the Summer Avenue Peanut Shoppe since 1993.
He can tell you the history of the building; how it was once the home of Pop Tunes, another legendary Memphis business that closed because of changing tastes.

As the old Frank Sinatra song put it - "That's Life."

"Nobody appreciates it anymore," Burge says. "You can go and get this stuff in a big box store and a grocery store and everything. But we cook it right here. It's hot and fresh. You can get peanuts made 10 minutes ago."

He's not kidding, cooking up some Spanish Peanuts a couple of times while we were there.
Walking away from a business that you love isn't easy, and Jim Burge says while he's not crying yet, he's sure the tears will come soon.
"Nothing is going to be here forever," he says.

His shop will close on Sunday, December 31st. He wants to make sure everyone knows there is a Peanut Shoppe in Downtown Memphis. Jim doesn't own it, but knows the guy who does, and it will remain open.

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