Parents Upset After Man Accused Of Stalking Teens Gets Out Of Jail On Bond

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An accused serial stalker of teenage girls near a Shelby County School is out on bond after appearing in court Monday morning. 32-year-old Jeremy Woodard posted a $200,000 bond.

He’s accused of trying to lure a Hamilton High School student into his car twice this month, and records show he’s been arrested for similar offenses before, including near Hamilton this same school year.

Parents we talked with were infuriated as school let out Monday afternoon, wanting to know how a man with such a lengthy list of luring charges wasn’t locked up on a lengthy sentence already.

“It does infuriate me, it really does piss me off, makes you be more protective of your kids,” says Burnnie Moore.

“It’s tragedy. I don’t know why anyone would let him out cause he’s a threat, he’s a menace, he’s a threat to these babies,” says Joel Carter.

No one answered Monday afternoon at Woodard’s listed address hours after he bonded out of jail. Police arrested the 32-year-old Friday and charged him with four counts of stalking.

According to police affidavits, Woodard is accused of stalking separate teenage girls outside of Hamilton High School not only this month but also last September. Both reports said Woodard drove up to the girls in a white car and tried to lure them into the vehicle.

Court records show Woodard also pleaded guilty for a 2012 indecent exposure arrest.

Next month, he’s scheduled for trial connected to a December 2015 arrest of aggravated kidnapping, sexual battery, and solicitation of a minor. According to that affidavit, the girl said Woodard offered her a ride home but instead took her to a park and made suggestive remarks, before she flagged down police and got away.

“If they got arrested twice this school year, why would they let him out a second time?” asks Shaquita Nunnally.

Hamilton parents said they’re baffled and angered Woodard is out on bond again.

“I feel like it’s pretty absurd that this guy is still out on the streets. He shouldn’t have been out here with so many charges,” says Moore. “Sounds like he needs some mental help more than him just getting his freedom.”

“He shouldn’t have gave him a bond he couldn’t make, because he’s a flight risk, ain’t no telling what he could do,” says Carter.

For Woodard’s latest arrest tied to stalking a Hamilton High School student this month, he’s due back in court next Monday.

SCS leaders promised beefed up security last week before police arrested Woodard on this latest stalking charge.

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