Pedestal Of Jefferson Davis Statue Removed From Downtown Memphis Park

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Fourth Bluff Park looks a little emptier, after crews removed the pedestal for the Jefferson Davis Statue.

This comes after the new owner of the two Memphis parks, where Confederate monuments once stood, went forward with their removal.

Saturday morning, more than a dozen Memphis Police officers blocked off part of Front Street and Court Avenue as workers moved the pedestal and other Confederate memorabilia.

Bridgitte Prince and her family watched as a large crane removed the pedestal.  Her family is in town form Connecticut for a family reunion and was shocked to witness what she calls history first hand.  “This is such an important conversation.  An important  issue today and in America and there’s been a lot of debate about it.  Why would you not want America to see we’re trying to remedy some wrongs.”

Memphis Greenspace says it received approval from Governor Bill Haslam to move forward with transforming the park where the Jefferson Davis statue once stood.

Crews removed the pedestal, a sculpture of the Ten Commandments, and within the next few days, they’ll remove the battlement cannons.

Memphis resident Michelle Gross say, “I’m just very glad that we’re taking this action.  You know, I was there when the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue was taken down, and it was amazing seeing everyone rally together for this cause.

Memphis made national news back in December of 2017 when non-profit Memphis Greenspace bought the Fourth Bluff Park and Health Sciences Park from the City of Memphis, and removed the Confederate monuments.

“It’s a small price to pay.  It’s a temporary inconvenience to finally put to bed an awful legacy,” says Khadijah Green from Memphis.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans filed two lawsuits against Memphis Greenspace in response to removing the statues.

Prince says seeing this made her trip to Memphis worthwhile.  “It’s a teaching opportunity.  It’s a teaching opportunity. So I feel like please take them off and group them together so we can see not only the negative but how far we’ve progressed.”

Those lawsuits against Memphis Greenspace are still pending in the justice system.

Local 24 News reached out to the Sons of Confederate Veterans President, Lee Millar, multiple time and are still waiting to hear what he has to say about the most recent event.

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