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Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) - It's one of the most consistent events for stargazers across the Mid-South: The Perseid Meteor Shower. This year's peak happens to take place this weekend.

The yearly meteor shower is a product of Comet Swift-Tuttle. The comet leaves a trail of space rubble behind it as it travels. The meteor shower happens when the Earth passes through that trail of rubble.

So why is it called the Perseid Meteor Shower? That's because the comets appear to radiate from the constellation Perseus, located in the northeast portion of the sky.

While you can see meteors all weekend, the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower is expected to happen Sunday night into Monday morning. Up to 100 meteors an hour will be possible during this time. This year's show should be even better than normal. A full moon occurs on Saturday, meaning skies will be darker than normal and meteor viewing will be enhanced.

The only concern will be the weather. As of Friday, the forecast is calling for mostly cloudy skies Sunday night with an isolated chance for showers and storms before midnight. Hopefully things clear out and we'll be able to see one of the most well-known meteor showers around.

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