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Prosecutors Reveal Several Violations Against Sherra Wright While Locked Up In Jail East

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) - Prosecutors reveal several violations against Sherra Wright while locked up in Jail East 


New questions about why the woman charged with Lorenzen Wright's murder has been accused of acting up while being locked up. 


Sherra Wright and co-defendant Billy Turner are accused of first plotting to kill Lorenzen Wright, then actually committing the crime back in July 2010. 


A Shelby County judge set Wright's bond at $20 million. Local 24 News has learned Sherra Wright has allegedly committed several violations while in jail. 


Judge Lee Coffee went down a list of violations Sherra Wright is accused of doing while in jail.  Some of them include cursing and threatening deputy jailers, passing food to inmates and yelling profanity language. 


"When she has been locked up in jail, Miss Wright has demonstrated conclusively, allegedly, that she is still an ongoing danger to Shelby County Tennessee even when she is incarcerated," Judge Coffee said. 


Wright visibly denied some of the allegations against her during a bond hearing Wednesday morning. 


"Ms. Wright has taken off her clothing, has tried to stuff, flood a toilet and making some comments that she has going swimming y'all, and that goes directly towards her mental state," Judge Coffee explained. 


Judge Coffee set Wright's bond at $20 million dollars and said he was shocked by three separate offenses Wright is accused of doing during the months she's been incarcerated. 


"It makes me concerned about her mental health and anybody that's been sitting in jail like she has, away from her family, away from her friends, it has an effect on you," said Blake Ballin Defense Attorney for Sherra Wright. 


Local 24 News sat down with a mental health expert to get a better understanding of Wright's behavior. 


"It's possible the stress of the situation can cause any number of psychological or emotional or behavioral issues," Dr. Eraina Schauss, Assistant Professor with the University of Memphis and Director of the Brain Center in Memphis.  "But if it's something that is recurrent you're looking at something more severe mental disorders and I don't know with this individual if it was anything like that."


Both Sherra Wright and her co-defendant Billy Turner will return to Shelby County court on July 14. 

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