Puppies Rescued After Being Tossed From Car Along Highway In Beebe, AR

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Nearly a dozen puppies all dumped in one day have rescuers in Beebe, Arkansas, fed up with the abuse that keeps happening in their city.

Animal Services picked up three puppies abandoned along a road Monday afternoon. 

Hours later eight other puppies were tossed from a car along Highway 31 near the interstate overpass. 

“Come over the overpass and seen a bunch of puppies walking out through here,” said Floyd Walker, who was driving home when he spotted the puppies and pulled over. “They’d either be run right over or freeze one of the two,” 

The puppies have a temporary home with Beebe Animal Services Director Erica Darden picking up their care. She says the shelter only has 7 of the 11 puppies abandoned, the rest found new families with other drivers who saw the dogs being left for dead. 

“If someone had not seen these dogs they would not have made it last night. The temperature was very cold, it was a high traffic area,” Darden added. “There’s no guarantee anyone’s going to pick them up.”

With the shelter already at capacity, Darden says the next challenge is making sure they have enough supplies, like food and blankets, while she waits till the puppies are ready for adoption. 

“Bringing in a litter of puppies is always a burden on a small shelter,” she added. 

Darden says what’s most frustrating is knowing there are other options when it comes to finding a puppy a new home, including through the city shelter. She adds the other important step is for owners to get their pet spayed or neutered, with several Central Arkansas clinics offering low cost surgeries. 

For Walker the worst part is knowing whoever is responsible sped off, even though he doesn’t want them to get away with this abuse.

“It takes a sorry person to do that,” Walker said. “If you can’t raise the pups, if you can’t feed the pups, get the momma fixed.”

Drivers reported seeing someone in a maroon Chevrolet pickup leaving the puppies along Highway 31. 

Investigators say cases like this are often hard to solve and even more of a challenge for charges to stick.

More information on how you can help the shelter can be found by CLICKING HERE.

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