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Randy Boyd On The Negative Ads In The Tennessee Governor's Race

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - Republican candidate for Tennessee Governor Randy Boyd chuckled Thursday at the latest negative television ad. State capitol newsroom reporter Chris Bundgaard talked to Boyd about the changing tone of the race.

The tone in the Governor's race has recently turned negative, especially on the Republican side.

Boyd had this response to the latest volley. “Kinda funny and cute and not too serious, but I hate the negativity.”

Boyd is referring to a new ad where the three front running Republican candidates for Governor appear as children. The ad comes from House Speaker Beth Harwell, who most observers think is in fourth place. Boyd and Black have already traded negative ads aimed at differences or past records.

“It was something I hope we would not do in this campaign and we made it almost to the end, but could you not do it, as a choice? My understanding from everyone who is in politics is that if you are attacked, you have got to defend yourself,” said Boyd.”

While negative ads now dominate airways, Boyd is also hearing a lot on the campaign trail about tariffs and how the higher prices could affect jobs.

“We hear it everywhere we go from farmers, industry, companies that manufacture metal parts from other products are already feeling the burden,” said Boyd.

A Governor can't do much about Presidential tariffs except provide voice saying they would be terrible for Tennessee.

Boyd also added that he feels this is just a two-person race on the Republican side, between him and Diane Black.

The Black for Governor Campaign responded: "That is the type of ad you would expect from the 3rd Place candidate."

Bill Lee’s campaign responded: “Bill Lee is the only candidate for Governor who hasn’t run a negative ad. He’s also the only conservative outsider and he’s got the momentum.”


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