RANSOM NOTE: A Stalemate In The Nuclear Option

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For years the Tennessee Valley Authority wanted to sell its half-finished, money pit of a nuclear power plant in North Alabama.

But there were no takers.

The TVA had an auction and a company called Nuclear Development said it would take the Bellefonte Plant off of TVA’s hands.

What the TVA did not expect is that Nuclear Development would then go to MLGW and say if MLGW would consider buying electricity from them.

It could save MLGW customers hundreds of millions of dollars and the promise of cutting our power bills in half.

TVA disagreed to that because MLGW is their number one customer.

The TVA decided to walk away from the selling plant on Friday. Their argument was that doing so would violate federal regulations.

As of Friday, the nuclear development says that is a lie as they filed suit against the TVA.

The only thing for certain right now is that our utility bills are going up and not down.

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