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RANSOM NOTE: Real Men Wear Pink

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) - This year's Reveal Party had 28 guys in Memphis media business and finance getting their pictures taken with all of us wearing pink, some of us more than others, to promote this Fourth Annual Campaign in Memphis.

Tracy Trotter, with the American Cancer Society, told Local 24 News, "Typically, men don't wear pink and we ask guys to wear pink for 31 days. It starts a conversation."

It also starts a friendly competition among the two dozen or so guys selected to be part of the class of 2018.

The American Cancer Society says it knows there are lots of opportunities to donate for breast cancer research and patient services, but what makes it unique, is money raised here helps fund ten grants for funding research here. 

"We spend more money on breast cancer research than any other cancer type. We have breast cancer research happening locally in Memphis," said Trotter.

That's one reason these guys are helping this month, but you're also bound to find many of us have been affected by breast cancer. Maybe we've worried with our wives after an abnormal mammogram or know someone who beat the disease or someone who didn’t.

Roby Williams, President of Memphis Black Business Assoc. said, "Cancer's been devastating in my life. My paternal grandmother lost her battle with cancer while my mother was pregnant with me. She had hoped to survive until I was born, but she did not.”

To donate to help Richard and breast cancer research CLICK HERE. #realmenmemphis


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