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Roland Is Still Rolling Even After Loss In Shelby County Primary

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - When you're in Millington, you always remember two things. The Navy Base and Roland's Tire Service, where we talked with a guy named, you guessed it, Roland. Terry Roland. 

More than 50 years ago, Terry Roland's dad opened this shop. It is a gathering place for people, as well as a place to get cars repaired, tires replaced, and chew the fat with Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland.

"I'm just gonna be me," he says, sitting in one of three barber chairs in the waiting room.

So, don't expect changes in his last few months on the Shelby County Commission. Roland might have lost his election for Shelby County Mayor Tuesday night, but he hasn't gone out and tattooed politically correct on his body anywhere.

He does not like current County Mayor Mark Luttrell's proposed budget with a tax cut. It's not a big enough cut, he says.

"You've seen all those stories about people leaving Shelby County," he says. "One of the reasons is crime. But the big thing is taxes. Our taxes are oppressive in Shelby County. If we go down on property taxes that will give people an incentive to stay."

He has had that opinion and expressed it every year he's been on the County Commission. His last one won't be different.

One way Roland will actively push to save money is to do away with Shelby County's political party primaries, you know, like Tuesday's, the one he lost. He thinks the Shelby County should adopt what the City of Memphis does in its elections.

 "The poor turnout in this last election shows me that local government should be non-partisan," Roland says, "...and one way we could save money in Shelby County is not have that partisan primary."

Terry Roland says, "When God closes one door on you, he opens a window."

Roland says his phone has been ringing with offers for political work, since his primary election loss to David Lenoir.

Roland says simply, "They haven't heard the last of me."

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