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SCS Board Upholds Football Coach Teli White's Termination

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) - The former Trezevant High School football coach who was fired for his role in a grade changing scandal will not get his job back. 

That decision was made during a hearing by the Shelby County School Board Wednesday.  Supporters of Teli White hoped to change the minds of school board members, but the termination still stands. 

The Shelby County School Board voted 7 to 1 to uphold White's termination. His attorney argued there was no evidence that showed he violated SCS policy, and they plan to appeal this decision. 

"Having transcripts on your computer is not a violation of any Shelby County policy," said White’s attorney Darrell O'Neal.  

O'Neal laid out his case in front of the board Wednesday afternoon. White was suspended in 2016 and fired the following year after SCS officials discovered grades for some of his football players were changed on their transcripts. O'Neal says White had access to the transcripts but did not change grades. Only one board member agreed. 

"There was no proof that grades were actually changed by the defendant," said Shelby County School board member Mike Kernell. "There was no evidence that he had actually done anything with the grades and there was no evidence that he conspired or do something with the grades."

An attorney for the board says even if he didn't change the grades, he still knew they were wrong. 

"You didn't tell them the fact you were seeing the grades were changing on transcript almost on a weekly basis," an attorney for the district said.

Dozens of White's family and friends came to the hearing to offer their support. 

"All they needed me to do was to encourage them and that's all I did, I encouraged young black men to do their best. That's all I did, and I was doing it for 16 years," White said. "They know the truth, my former players, my former parents, they know the truth. I was over there for one reason, to help those children."

White's attorney plans appeal this case in Chancery Court. 


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