SCS Closes Kirby High After Reports Of Pest Problems

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Classes were canceled Tuesday at Kirby High School because of pesky pest problems. Students claim their school is infested with rats, roaches, and snakes.

Shelby County School officials said in a release they hired a pest control company after SCS maintenance crews couldn’t resolve the issue. The district said they’ve been working to take care of a pest problem for several days. They didn’t specify what type of pest, but they sent a notice to parents earlier this week that they were aware of it.

“There is no way in God’s creation that Kirby is the only school with a rodent in it,” said Helen Collins a parent of a Kirby student.

Local 24 talked to parents and students off camera about what’s going on at Kirby High School in Hickory Hill. They’re vocal about it on social media, but mom and Kirby volunteer, Helen Collins, wanted to talk on TV and she’s standing her ground.

“Stop talking about Kirby like Kirby got nasty children like the school is nasty. It’s not nasty,” said Collins.

Facebook is blowing up with posts and comments about Kirby High crawling with critters. Video from a few days ago show a snake inside the school. You can hear students in the background talking about it.

“When they’re doing all this slandering, talk about it, you’re making it hard for the kids to come back to school and hold their head up. It’s not their problem. It’s not even the staff members at Kirby High problem,” said Collins.

Pest control crews spent most of Tuesday at Kirby High. Collins says she’s relieved they’re taking care of the problem but says the issue isn’t as bad as it sounds on social media.

“It’s not about things jumping everywhere. It’s about having them out of the building, so they can do what they gotta do to clear it out,” said Collins

SCS said in a statement that crews will work around the clock at Kirby until they find the source of the problem and resolve it. Classes will be canceled again Wednesday.

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