SCS Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray Lays Out Details For District’s Destination 2025 Strategic Plan

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Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray outlined details for the district’s Destination 2025 strategic plan Thursday.

Educational equity and social emotional learning are cornerstones of his seven-point plan, which include:

  1. Implementing the Academic Equity in Action Plan
  2. Social Emotional Learning
  3. Culture Building
  4. Servant Leadership
  5. Alignment of Resources
  6. Finalizing the Footprint Proposal
  7. District Office Transition

“All of our students deserve positive learning environments, rather than ones with significant deferred maintenance needs,” said Superintendent Ray.

“Instead of only brick and mortar decisions, we will ensure our final Footprint Proposal creates greater equity, includes community input and closely aligns with student needs and strong academic treatments.”

Dr. Ray want SCS to partner with various organizations in Memphis so additional awareness and training can be provided regarding “Adverse Childhood Experiences.” The goal would be to “help staff and community members better understand and respond to the needs of all students.”

“We are developing a trauma-informed District from Board members to educators who can effectively support a variety of student needs, including responding to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs),” said Dr. Ray. “To effectively serve students inside and outside of school, we must all do a better job of understanding them.”

According to Dr. Ray, a key component of the Academic Equity in Action Plan is to focus more support, such as providing AP and college prep courses, to all the school district’s high schools.

At Thursday’s news conference at East High School, Superintendent Ray also announced two high-level appointments: Jerica Phillips was named the Deputy Chief of Communications, and John Barker will be the district’s new Chief of Staff.

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