Several Arrested After Fights At East High School

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Memphis police issued summons to 19 students following fights at East High school Thursday. Police say there were several separate fights.

Local 24 was told there was a total of seven fights here that started around 11:00 a.m. Memphis police confirmed campus security had to use pepper spray to break them up.

“Yeah seven fights total and it happened in the cafeteria, the hallway, the bathroom, the stairwell and cops just started pepper-spraying people,” one student said.  “The police they had came to the students, and they were trying to break it up, and they weren’t breaking it up, so the police had came up and just started pepper spraying the kids in the eyes and stuff.”

We have exclusive video of Memphis Police arresting some of those people involved in those fights.

Memphis police said when officers arrived at the school, they found several girls who had been detained by campus security after a fight that took place inside. 

There were no serious physical injuries reported from the fight.

The fights shocked parents.

“That’s not the answer, you know it starts at a home, training and I think they need to put corporal punishment back in schools because I think when you don’t have the teachers to run their classes then they are going to act out like that too,” said Tempest Williams of East Memphis.  “Never heard nothing like that before in my life. We living in a real bad time I mean children instead of going to school, getting an education you come up there and waste everybody’s time.” 

While officers were assisting this incident, a second fight broke out in the parking lot of the school.

 As officers were attempting to clear the area of the second fight, another fight broke it inside the school.

Memphis police arrested several juveniles.

The Shelby County School district released this statement:

Multiple students were involved in altercations at East High School today. The Memphis Police Department was called and several students were issued a juvenile summons. This type of behavior will not be tolerated on our campuses and the students involved will face strict disciplinary action at school. Extra security will be at the school Friday to help ensure student safety.

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