Sexual assault at Soulsville Charter School; Parents Upset

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Some parents at a local charter school are upset after learning a student was expelled for sexual misconduct at the school, and they had not been notified.

Soulsville Charter School officials told Local 24 News that the school chose to expel the student after he had been arrested for some inappropriate touching of another student back in October. The school did not give any more details. Memphis Police has not yet responded to our request for more information.

A second incident occurred in December but that charge of sexual battery was dropped in juvenile court, and the student was allowed to stay enrolled in school, according to school officials.  

Many parents that we talked to said they had not been informed that a student was arrested and felt like school officials should have been more forthcoming.

School officials released this statement to the media: 

“While the Soulsville Charter School cannot comment on any individual students or allegations, we take any allegations of misconduct very seriously. Our practice is to notify the parents of any students involved and law enforcement and cooperate fully with any investigation. We respond to results of law enforcement investigations with appropriate actions, while also using our protocol for deciding what measures to take to keep all of our students as safe as possible and assign consequences as necessary.”

We know you will agree that we take creating a safe and focused learning environment extremely seriously at The Soulsville Charter School. Our internal protocols do not allow us to make allegations of juvenile misconduct public, particularly where, after investigation, those allegations have not been substantiated. We also take facts seriously and feel that it is important to clarify the false information that was stated on the news story with all of our families and students. We will continue to focus on maintaining a strong and safe learning environment for all students

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