Shattered Dreams: Car Crash Leaves Local Football Player In Intensive Care

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He was supposed to report to football camp at Tuskegee University Thursday, instead a 20-year-old Memphis man is in intensive care at a local hospital. His leg was severed off, after being hit by an uninsured driver.

Jabari Bailey played football at East High School, then went on to play at Tuskegee University on a scholarship. But one week ago, Bailey’s life was turned upside down.

“His dream was to play college ball. You know, some kids want to play in the NFL, he wanted to play college ball,” said father Jay Baily.

Jay Bailey says instead of playing ball for Tuskegee University, Jabari will be recovering from a horrible accident that happened on Frayser-Raleigh Boulevard.

“He was being a good Samaritan, he has a buddy whose car had stopped,” said Jay Bailey.

Jabari went to help a friend jump-start his car that had stopped in the right lane of traffic, when Memphis Police say Frank Smith slammed into the two cars. Pictures from that day show Smith’s pickup crashed into the back of Jabari’s friend’s car, and the force catapulted that car 40 feet.

“He hit him full speed. No skid marks. He didn’t hit the brakes,” said Jay Bailey.

The former East High School football player was standing between the cars at the time of impact.

“It severed Jabari’s leg on the scene. Ya’ know, it ended a kid’s dreams,” said Jay Bailey.

Smith was charged with not exercising due care, failing to yield, and not having insurance.

“He’s got no insurance and he’s behind the wheel of a car and he takes my sons dreams away,” said Jay Bailey.

He says his son would have died if an unidentified woman hadn’t stopped to help and used her belt as a tourniquet on his leg.

“She tied off the arteries, so he didn’t bleed out. He wouldn’t have ever made it to the hospital but for her actions,” said Jay Bailey. “That was an angel to us. Whoever she is, we are so grateful. I’m eternally grateful ‘cause I would have lost my son,” said Jay Bailey.

We are digging into Frank Smith driving record and we will break it down for you Thursday night.

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