Shelby County Commission Issues Freeze On Government Contracts & Budget Changes

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In the wake of MLK50, the Shelby County Commission has issued a freeze on issuing government contracts and changes to the budget in Shelby County until after this year’s elections.

It’s a major development, and one not expected, announced in a news conference Monday. Commissioners placed a moratorium on all Shelby County government contracts and budget decisions.

They tell Local 24 this move will allow the incoming mayors and commissioners to have input or approval on the matters.

Those who voted in favor say in light of Dr. King’s Poor People’s Campaign, they’re working to push equity and fairness for local businesses.

“In light of what has taken place in this city over the last 50 years and what has taken places in this county, we’re asking for a moratorium on spending on all bids that go out from this county,” said Commissioner Van Turner.

“If government doesn’t use all the money they’re allotted and doesn’t quickly spend it, then they won’t get as much the next year,” said Chairman Heidi Schaffer. “As we’re trying to drive down the tax rate, we want to make sure there’s not unnecessary spending in the end. So this is one of the many reasons this is important to us.”

Commissioners say this move will help make sure they support all the businesses paying taxes in the county.

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