Shelby County Commission to consider $15/hr minimum wage law for county employees

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( — The Shelby County Commission will consider adopting a new ordinance Monday making the minimum wage standard $15 an hour for all county employees.

The commission previously passed a resolution committed to $15, but now they’re looking to put a legal safety net on it.

For the last year, the “Fight for 15” has become an ongoing focal point of the commission and county Mayor Lee Harris and paychecks have started to increase.

Pay for part time county employees was raised to $15 an hour.

Harris said by making it a law, it would mean the pay would continue when different people hold office in the future. That is, if they don’t vote to repeal it.

“We want to make it part of our law, because otherwise, we can’t be sure whether future administrations will hold the line, and make sure all of our employees are making at least fifteen dollars an hour,” Harris said.

Commissioner Mickell Lowery said it would also ensure all county employees are paid the same.

“We may have employees who have been doing their job faithfully for years and not making $15 an hour and someone hired tomorrow does make $15 an hour. Obviously, that’s not fair to some employees. So we’re going to make sure we have an adjusting scale to take care of employees who have been doing the work for years,” Lowery said.

The commission will consider the proposed law for the first time during its Monday meeting.

The ordinance, if passed, would take effect 15 days after its final reading.

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