Sober House Founder Rewards Inspiring Special Needs Group

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Sober House began as a program to help men with addiction challenges. Its founder Larry Hunter also makes it his mission to help transform the lives of others in the community, including a special group of young people. 

Larry Hunter is known for doing good deeds throughout the community. 

Recently he learned a valuable lesson by helping people with special needs. One young lady he says is his shining star.

Amongst a group of rambunctious, karate kicking young people are some with special needs, but you might not recognize them.

One, in particular, is 19-year-old India Douglas.

In just six months of India taking martial arts class four days a week, she’s found a new outgoing personality.

“She’s a very sweet young lady, and she used to be in a shell,” said her mother, Beverly Douglas. “Since she’s been taking Taekwondo she has a lot of confidence and self- esteem is very high, now.”

Monday night India was hopeful she would test high enough to move up to her next level karate belt as Hunter of Sober House looked on.

Hunter and karate instructors sponsored India and some of the other students paying for uniforms and when needed classes.

Along with new belt rankings, Hunter offered more rewards for the young lady who has inspired him. “Martial arts has built up her esteem now,” said Hunter. “She thinks she’s Bruce Lee.”

Tables full of toys were given to young people for their commitment to these classes.Hunter, through Sober House, has given away cars and houses to those in need in the past. He’s found himself receiving the gift through India’s transformation. 

Hunter says if it weren’t for this class.”Were it not for this class 201 Poplar would probably have half of these kids locked up,” Hunter believes.

India passed her test and is now wearing a yellow belt around her waist and an infectious smile on her face.

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