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Sons of Confederate Veterans Win Latest Ruling In Statue Controversy

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) - A court rules in favor of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in the controversy over removing the remnants of confederate statues at two Memphis city parks.


The Davidson county judge quietly made his decision Monday.


The chancellor ruled that Memphis GreenSpace are strictly prohibited from disturbing the Forrest statue pedestal, graves, and granite plaza in Health Sciences Park.


They are also prohibited from moving, selling, or disturbing the memorial statues.


Owners of the parks where the confederate statues once stood say the ruling changes nothing because Monday's ruling simply reinforces court orders from July 19th.



"We've complied with everything the court has stated," said Van Turner of Memphis GreenSpace. "This just boils down to the sons being upset that we, again removed the rest of the memorabilia out of the Memphis Park and we did so. We're preserving it we're following the court orders,"   said Van Turner of Memphis GreenSpace.



Lee Millar, spokesman for the SCV said in part in a statement, "though a small victory, this ruling none the less sends a giant message that the scv continues the fight to bring the city and GreenSpace to justice.


This recent order does not set ramifications for violation of the legal court order in the case.


The judge did find in favor of GreenSpace saying other artifacts, markers or plaques face no restrictions.



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