Study Says MLGW Could Save More Than 300 Million By Telling TVA To Hit The R-O-A-D

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On the eve of the Memphis City Council voting on a rate increase for Light, Gas and Water, a new study says the company could save millions by getting their own alternative energy source.

There are studies being done that show, according to the studies at least, Memphis Light, Gas and Water can save a lot of your money by getting their energy someplace else.

Martavius Jones of City Council says don’t mix that up with raising the rates right now.

The Memphis City Council must decide whether to increase how much you pay for Light, Gas and Water services.

Councilman Jones says he’s got an example of why they need the money: a Sunday night blackout he discovered when returning home.

Showing me a picture, he said “My watch said 8:10. the clock on my stove said 7:17…so at some point my power went out….and there were no storms.”

He has no idea why.

All this talk of raising rates has many questioning whether MLGW should continue to get its power from the Tennessee Valley Authority.

An organization called “Friends of the Earth” asked a Massachusetts company to study MLGW. The study says the company could save millions by telling TVA to hit the r-o-a-d.

According to the report, MLGW could develop an alternative energy supply that could generate cost savings of between $240 and $333-million.

Former Light, Gas and Water President Herman Morris, who is now with “Friends of the Earth,” says Memphis has the power to become a showcase for 21st century energy.

All of this coming on the eve of a vote by city council on whether to raise the costs of your utilities.

“It’s been a battle we’ve been dealing with for so long,” says Memphis City Councilman Berlin Boyd, “But it’s been raising some good questions, and we’re just trying to find the right answers.”

The City Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday whether to give Memphis Light, Gas and Water a rate hike, with the extra money going to fix the company’s infrastructure.

Council members have voted against raising rates twice before.

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