Swiss Couple Sues Guest House At Graceland, Claiming Fire Alarm On Vacation Led To Marriage Problems

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A man from Switzerland and his wife are now suing The Guest House at Graceland, Elvis Presley Enterprises, and Pyramid Tennessee Management after they say a vacation led to ongoing medical issues that have affected the husband’s job and their marriage.

Hans-Peter Gauch and Magdalena Gauch are asking for $75,000 in the lawsuit.

According to the filing, 53-year-old Hans-Peter Gauch and his daughter stayed at the Guest House at Graceland during a visit to Elvis Presley’s home in October 2017. Early one morning, the fire alarm went off, and the two tried to evacuate the building. According to the suit, Gauch and his daughter left their room, but did not see other guests or staff. They attempted to find their way out, but the sign showing the layout, and other signs marking exits caused confusion, and they had to go back to their room to try to call the front desk.

According to the suit, they called the front desk, and were told the alarm was likely a false alarm, and that the exits were clearly marked, which the man and his daughter denied. They say they were offered no more help, so the two waited with their hands over their ears.

The lawsuit says it took about 30 minutes for the alarm to stop. At that time, Gauch says he had a “whistling” in his ears, and headed to a Memphis hospital emergency room, where he was diagnosed with Tinnitus.

Gauch says when he returned to Switzerland, he visited a specialist, who also diagnosed severe Tinnitus. According to the lawsuit, Gauch needs medication to sleep, has trouble carrying on a conversation, and the condition has affected his ability to take care of his real estate business. The suit says his wife Magdalena has taken over some duties, and the condition has affected their marriage to the point that they are now living in separate residences, though they remain married.

The lawsuit accuses the hotel and management of negligence for not providing clear exits in the event of an emergency, and not complying with international fire code.

We reached out Elvis Presley Enterprises, who said they can not comment on ongoing litigation.

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