Tattoo Artists Are Covering Up Racist And Gang Related Ink For Free

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Tattoo artists in Mississippi are working to cover up racist and gang related ink for free.

“I had a pair of boots,” said T.M. Garret, pointing to a faded area on his left hand. “I used to be a skin head back in Germany. After I changed, that tattoo was still there.”

Garret told Local 24 News he was able to remove the tattoo through laser treatment, but it wasn’t cheap. He said not everyone could afford to remove a tattoo through that method but said everyone should be able to cover something they’re no longer want.

“I formed the non-profit C.H.A.N.G.E.,” he said. “It stands for care, hope, awareness, need, give, and education.”

Garret and his organization partnered with artists working at Side Sick Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio in Lake Horn, Mississippi. 

Together they’re working to cover up racist and gang related tattoos through the Erase The Hate” campaign.

“Everyone deserves a second chance,” he said. “Sometimes people already have changed in their mind, but the ink is still there. What we’re doing is helping people by getting rid of that ink.”

The tattoo parlor will work with an individual to block out the old tattoo with a new design. 

People looking to have their gang or racist tattoos covered up are encouraged to call the shop for an appointment at (662) 342-6767.

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