Testimony Begins In Trial For Man Accused Of Killing MPD Officer Martoiya Lang

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Treveno Campbell On Trial For Officer Martoiya Lang Murder

Opening statements and testimony began Tuesday in the trial of an accused cop killer. Treveno Campbell is on trial for first degree murder for the death of Memphis Police Officer Martoiya Lang in 2012.

Officer Lang and her partner were both shot during a drug raid in northeast Memphis.

It was an emotional day as the state called Officer Lang’s mother as the first witness. Vivian Woods talked about how close she and her daughter were, and how she’ll never forget that December day more than four years ago.

Judge James Beasley’s courtroom was packed when opening statements began in Campbell’s murder trial. Land was killed during a drug raid.

“Each officer as they came in the house announced ‘Memphis Police Officers with a warrant!’ Loudly and repeatedly as they entered the house,” said prosecutor Alanda Dwyer.

Prosecutors say officers did knock on the door, although Lang and fellow officers were serving a no-knock search warrant at the home in northeast Memphis.

“A no-knock search warrant means, because of fear of destruction of evidence, because of further fears, the officers have the choice when they go to the house to knock or not knock before they make entry,” said Dwyer.

The state’s first witness was Vivian Woods. There wasn’t an empty seat in the courtroom. It was so quiet during her testimony, you could hear a pin drop.

On the stand, Woods talked about how close she and her daughter were and how much she misses hearing her voice.

“I would always call Martoiya and her sister,” said Woods, who wiped away tears as she sat on the stand reliving the day she lost her daughter. “I said I know she’s gone. And I just said take me to my baby. I just wanna see her.”

A crime scene analyst was second to testify, then the 911 supervisor. The 911 recording was also played in court.

The officer who made that call was the state’s 4th witness. Officer Eric Dobbins also dragged Officer Lang out of the house after she was shot. He choked up during his testimony, when he talked about what happened that day.

“I picked her up. I was still expecting her to come with me but she didn’t,” testified Officer Dobbins. “I pleaded with her to breathe. Come on. She didn’t. At some point, I reached for the radio and called for an ambulance.”

A spokesperson with the D.A.’s office says the trial could last a couple of weeks.

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