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The Immigration Project Faith Group Helps Immigrant Families

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - As the battle over immigration continues on Capitol Hill here in the Mid-South a faith based effort is helping to make the transition easier for immigrant families looking to cross the border.


The Immigration Project has already raised thousands of dollars for items to be sent to detention centers across the country.


Every person has basic needs like water and food.


It's no different for those immigrant families seeking asylum we've heard so much about recently.


Founder of the Immigration Project, Rondell Trevino, says part of the $4-thousand raised so far will purchase one of the most requested items, new bibles for immigrant families.


Founded in 2017 the Immigration Project is sending aid to a still hurricane torn Puerto Rico in the wake of Maria.


Now he's leading the fundraising effort for families held in church detention centers across the country families who wanted to escape the crime ridden communities of Mexico.


Chaplains in those centers have reported children wearing the same diapers for days


"We saw a need on the southern border with with immigrant families staying together and they needed bibles, water, food clothing," said Trevino.



Trevino says he was encouraged to do something worth while by the chaplains at these detention centers who show just how much they care about these immigrant families.


Trevino says he was just as inspired by his faith to take on the effort.


"Despite the political complexities were still called to love them, care for them, share the gospel with them and provide water and basic needs for them," said Trevino. "I'm hoping churches from the far right conservatives to the far left progressives can come together."  

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