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This is the latest in a weekly blog by Local 24 News’ Mike Matthews.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – I was once called the Watchdog.

I think it was because I owned a watch, and I looked like a bow wow.

I heard the jokes.

Hey Watchdog, I’ll bet when you went to the plastic surgeon and asked for something that would make you look better, he gave you a tail.

But I was watching, always watching – listening and learning.

I no longer think we are represented by the best and the brightest of people.

Our politicians are, for the most part, just regular people.

They know how to give a speech, how to slap a back, and how to ask for money.

My favorite place to cover politics was South Carolina – no question about it.

I ran into people like State Representative Hicks Harwell, who would sit at his desk in the chambers, and in front of the desk was a $5 bill.

If someone stopped to pick it up, and EVERYBODY stopped to pick it up, they didn’t realize there was a clear cord attached.

Hicks would press a button, and the bill would snap back into his hand.

I also met the immortal John Jenrette and his wife at the time, Rita.

She was known for writing a book about how she and John had sex on the stairs of the U.S. Capitol in D.C.

Her husband was found guilty in the bribe investigation called ABSCAM.

What I’m trying to say here, is there are still legislators who are trying to do the right thing.

They are trying to represent you.

The majority of Memphis City Council members and Shelby County Commissioners are good men and women, who just want to do good.

But there are always a few people trying to reel you in with a $5 bill on the floor.

Think about this, knowing that about 2% – TWO PERCENT – of registered voters in two city council districts have early voted.

Election is Thursday the 14th.

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