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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – Viral photos of a heart-shaped pothole are posted on social media for Valentine’s Day, but it’s not a laughing matter for many drivers.

The City of Memphis posted new numbers Friday showing people reported more than a thousand craters last month.

We’ve been down this road before – pocked with potholes – and it remains a huge problem that comes around this time of year, like an unwanted holiday gift.

Troy Thibodeaux owns Wheel Tek Wheel Repair and says this time of year is like the Christmas holiday shopping rush for his shop, with a steady flow of cars damaged from driving through potholes.

“20 to 30 – that’s an average,” said Thibodeaux.

That’s daily.

“It just never stops. The city’s infrastructure can’t keep up with the potholes,” said Thibodeaux.

And that’s just the drivers who can see the damage.

“Mercedes are a little light weight, so they tend to bend a lot easier than most, but we get a lot of customers that are Mercedes customers. This is Mercedes.”

Thibodeaux’s shop uses special technology to find the flaws that often lead to slow leaks in your tires.

“We do a before and after on every job, so when a customer comes in, we’ll print off this. We’ll run their wheel and show them what’s going on with it by the numbers.”

The numbers just released by the City of Memphis show drivers reported more than a thousand potholes last month. They repaired most of them within three days.

Most, but not all, and this month there will be even more reports.

Thibodeax says he’s even been bent out of shape over a bent rim and has learned lessons.

“We’ve become real good meteorologists. We’ve become real good surveyors of the road, ya’ know and machinists on top of that.”

Learn more about making a claim with the city for pothole damage HERE.

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