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Thousands Descend On Memphis For Elvis Week

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - Thousands of people are expected to descend on Graceland to mark the 41th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death.

This year's theme, “68 Comeback Special,” will unveil a new gospel album titled "Where No One Stands Alone".

People spend big bucks in the bluff city during Elvis Week. Some folks told us that they save all year just to visit Memphis during Elvis week.

More than 40,000 people are expected during Elvis Week. And those people spend, spend, spend, from hotels, to food, to souvenirs, and that's just at Graceland.

Memphis is home to other popular attractions that tourists say they visit and spend money. They want to experience the most of Memphis.

"Over a thousand. We, I spend quite a bit,” said Pam Livingston, who lives near Montgomery, AL. “(What do you buy? What do you spend it on?) Well we spend it at the hotel, we love the hotel. The guest house is just beautiful. And dining out. We've been to Beale Street. We love Beale Street. Merchandise. You know all about Elvis merchandise."

"If I had the amount of money I would probably spend hundreds of dollars on merchandise, music, books, I mean anything you can get here and can't get anywhere else is what I would get,” said Lucy Culpepper from Huntsville, AL.

Memphis is widely known, not only because of the King of Rock & Roll, but also for its high crime rate.

According to tourists we talked to, that doesn’t deter them, especially not during Elvis week.

Tourists say crime happens everywhere so they're always careful and cautious no matter where they are.

You might remember during Elvis week last year a family's dog and luggage were stolen. And protests were held two years ago.

Tourists say every city has its issues and problems, but when they are here in Memphis, they focus on all things Elvis.

"Everybody is watching out for everybody. And when we've been here before people are always helpful to make sure that you're doing ok and that you're taken care of,” says Culpepper.

"We've never had any problems. I feel really safe in this area. We usually stay at the guest house and I know that it's safe. Everybody is friendly, helpful. We've never had any problems, so it's not really on our radar,” says Livingston.

The Guest House hotel near Graceland has limited rooms available.

For a schedule of Elvis Week events, CLICK HERE.

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