TN Law Enforcement Cracks Down On Distracted Drivers

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Throughout this week in Memphis and across Tennessee, highway patrol state troopers, deputies, and police officers are swarming area roads and cracking down on distracted drivers.

A sting Monday morning in Shelby County cited 31 drivers for a variety of offenses.

So far in 2017 across Tennessee, highway safety leaders say distracted driving contributed to nearly 23,000 accidents and claimed the lives of 81 people.

That’s why law enforcement joined together across Shelby County Monday morning, pulling over and ticketing anyone caught with their eyes off the road, and focused on things other than driving.

Armed with radios, and with an elevated vantage point on a Tennessee Highway Patrol bus, spotters radioed in offenders busted for distracted driving, who were then pulled over nearby.

“This part here is part education, part enforcement,” says THP Sgt. Chris Richardson.

This crackdown tackled a range of distracted driving offenses, including texting, tweeting, or snapchatting, instead of keeping your hands at 10 and 2, and eyes squarely on the road.

“Driving is serious business. And in order to do that, you’ve got to have 100% focus,” says Sgt. Richardson.

For law enforcement, the citations handed out intended to send a message and potentially save lives down the road.

“Distracted driving is a killer, and we aim to stop it,” says Sgt. Richardson.

This statewide distracted driving enforcement campaign runs in cities across Tennessee and wraps up Thursday in Nashville.

Law enforcement cited more than 200 drivers in the first Tennessee bus tour in April.

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