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Trader Joe's To Open September 14th In Germantown

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - UPDATE 8/31/2018: The date has been set. Trader Joe's in Germantown will open September 14th.

The news is posted to the company's website HERE.


(ORIGINAL STORY 8/17/2018)

Trader Joe's in Germantown will soon be opened for business. But first, they'll need crew members to run the store.

A banner hanging in the window at 2130 Exeter Road says it all. Trader Joe's managers say they've seen a steady stream of applicants through the doors already.

How many new employees will be hired won't be known until the doors open. At this point, Trader Joe's has not officially announced an opening date for the Germantown Store.

Postings on job search websites show salaries will start between $11 and $13 an hour.

To learn how to apply, CLICK HERE.



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