Treveno Campbell Testifies in Murder Trial of Police Officer

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Sunday morning Treveno Campbell took the witness stand for at least hour and testified that he was “scared to death” when he woke up to what he thought were intruders on December 14, 2012.

Campbell is accused of shooting and killing Memphis Police officer Martoiya Lang that day. Lang and her partner were both shot during a drug raid.

Campbell, admittedly nervous, testified that he went home around 2:30 a.m. after working at FedEx, talked to his friend Willie Braddock who was there playing a game and went to bed. Then he woke up to what he thought were intruders.

“Those noises were real loud, like someone broke in the house,” said Campbell.

“What did you think when you heard those noises,” asked defense attorney Bill Massey.

“I was scared to death,” said Campbell.

It turned out to be Memphis Police serving a search warrant. Campbell said he never heard anyone say police.

Prosecutors have claimed each officer announced Memphis Police repeatedly.

Campbell told jurors without seeing anyone he started shooting. He said he kept a gun for protection after hearing about recent break-ins.

“I was shooting to scare people out of the house,” Campbell said when asked why he started shooting.

He said he stopped when he saw a man with a police shield.

Campbell showed jurors how he says he complied when the officer told him to put his hands up. Then a split second later, Campbell said a second person shot at him.

“I had my hands up. Pow pow pow pow,” Campbell described.

He said he couldn’t remember much after being shot.

Accused of murdering Officer Lang Campbell said he saw nothing but a wall when he was shooting.

During the cross-examination prosecutors asked about several bags of marijuana and more than $3,000 recovered from the home.

Campbell claimed to knowing about a quarter ounce of the marijuana and said the money was from gambling on a video game.

Campbell also testified his uncle who investigators were looking for was known as “Tugg” not “Lil Toot” as prosecutors claimed.

The defense also called on a Memphis Police major to talk about 2012 high crime trends near the home police raided. Crime stats showed between January 2012 – January 2013 and within a 1-mile radius of the house there were 31 aggravated assaults, 60 burglaries, 22 robberies of individuals and 51 simple assaults.

The trial continues Monday at 9:00 a.m.

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